My schwab accounts are not updateing

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When I run one step update my checking account updates but none of my brokerage accounts do. I don't have any updates since May 5. Is this a problem with Quicken or Charles Schwab?


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    Schwab and Quicken customer here - with multiple Schwab accounts AND multiple Quicken accounts. I have not been having any update problems in the past year. My Quicken Connection is via "Direct Connect", and I think that is the standard for Schwab anyway.

    Are you getting an error message in your One-Step Update summary?

    One very quick and simple thing to try - Resetting each brokerage account. Nothing gets lost and it's very quick to do. Here's how:

    1)select Tools on the Quicken main menu

    2)select Account List

    3)identify each Schwab account on that list and click the Edit button to bring up the Account Details window

    4)in that Window, select the Online Service Tab and click the Reset Account button.

    This is easier (4 steps - 4 seconds) than deactivating and reactivating online services. Hope it works for you.
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