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How do I set starting balances for investment accounts?

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I have decided to start tracking my and my wife's 401(K) & pension accounts in Quicken. I setup my two accounts just to start playing around with them. Having never worked with investment accounts in Quicken before, I wanted to experiment and "play" a little. My thinking was that I really couldn't hurt anything and that, if I messed something up, I could always delete the accounts, set them up again and start over.

Everything seems to be going well so far. The main issue that I have is that all of my funds show a zero starting balance and only show the totals of the last year or so of transactions that were downloaded. So, instead of showing closer to $500K like I was expecting, I'm only seeing a total of around $40K. Seeing as the account is made up of various investments, each with their own starting balance at the beginning of any particular quarter, how would I go about setting up the starting balances?

I'm looking for general advice on how to best setup and track my accounts. Again, I'll probably continue to play in the meantime but would appreciate any advice or best practices anyone would care to mention.

Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone is willing to offer.

- Byron


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    Did you attempt an "Add Shares" transaction from a beginning fixed date using an account statement?

    I would resolve this by:
    1. Get the statement from the date you want to start from.
    2. Complete an "Add Shares" transaction for any position that you want to from the statement. Some of my statements are gracious enough to list the individual lots historically. Cumbersome yes for input, but I believe it worth the effort.
    3. After all that is completed, then run the update from the provider to see where they are in terms of transactions available for download from the server. I would guess they will have 90 days of data, but possibly more.
    4. Delete any duplicates that are downloaded then reconcile to the account for cash and shares.
    Start with the smallest account first and get it to 100% reconciled. Just post comments here and the community will answer and assist. Big effort but totally worth it.
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