Data file password incorrect. Not. Q 2015

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I have Windows 7, Quicken 2015. Same problem I see 2016 having. Incorrect data file password. I know it is not. Started three days ago. Noted that Q is working on the 2016 connection.  What about 2015.  Is there no option to wipe out the password centrally rather than downloading the removal process? I am at a standstill.


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    Withdrawing my question.  Lesson learned. Do not always be so darn sure of the facts.  I decided to try one more time to enter the data file password and learned that I had entered an unneeded cap in one of the characters.  No excuses.  Quicken phone agent patiently walked through the password removal process but now it is not needed. I am both relieved and chagrined- the latter at myself.
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