Target says the issue is with Quicken and security updates

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I contacted target and received the following:

"We understand you're having trouble using Quicken with your Target REDcard. 

Due to recent security updates with Quicken, there have been some issues with connecting to your REDcard. This is an issue that Quicken is aware of and working to resolve.

In the mean time, we can provide some basic troubleshooting steps for you. 

You can download transactions from your Target REDcard using the 'View Statements' screen in Manage My REDcard. To download transactions, select a format from the 'Download Transactions As...' drop-down menu. 

When you download transactions to programs like Quicken/Money®, downloaded transaction files aren't automatically imported into your software. First, save the file. Then, import it through your software application. If you're not sure how to import data, check your software's help files.

To download transactions from your Target REDcard, you can choose one of these formats:

.QIF Format (Quicken/Money): .QIF format should be used if you are using personal financial management software, such as older version of Quicken like Quicken 2002 or Microsoft Money.

.CSV or .DAT Formats: .CSV (comma-separated text) or .DAT (tab-separated text) should be used with Microsoft Excel. Several other spreadsheet database programs use these formats, so check your software's help files to see which will work best.

.OFX Format: OFX can be used only with the current versions of Microsoft Money.

.QFX format: For downloads to Quicken 2006, use the .QFX file format. 

If you need more help with online statements, give us a call at (800) 394-1829. To speak to a representative:

-enter your account number and the # sign
-enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and the # sign
-press * to skip the automated account information
-press 1 for 'Manage My REDcard', and after the message you can press 3 to speak to a representative

We hope this information helps. Thanks for writing!

Target Card Services, servicer to TD Bank USA, N.A."

I thought this might be helpful to everyone waiting to hear on this issue.  Seems like there is a this one says/that one says issue and they just need to talk and resolve it.


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