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I appear to be having an issue where my Quicken screen is not refreshing itself after updates. I posted something similar to this in that when viewing Holdings for investment accounts, it would blank out the entire list of holdings at times.

I am now seeing something similar in that after I make changes to an account's transactions, the information is not updated unless I go to a new tab (Home, Spending, Bills, etc.) or go to a different account.

I've attached some screenshots of this issue. The first two shows the balance of my Cash Account (just cash on-hand). You can see that the Account List is showing it as a different amount than what the actual balance is after I entered some transactions.

The next two show that my Old Navy account has transactions outstanding, but I had just finished reconciling the account and as you can see, there are no outstanding transactions.

The last ones show that when I go to view my Bills, it shows up as blank. I can select any one of the Bills tabs (Online Bills, Bill Reminders, Projected Balances) and I get the displayed gray screen. If go to a different tab or to an account and then go back to the Bills tab, it will work fine as shown in the last screenshot.

Is anyone else experiencing issues like this?




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    Okay, this is not really a solution, but a workaround that appears to have resolved the issue.

    In looking for solutions to the Quicken refresh screen issue and One-Step Update issue*, I found a workaround that entails turning off the "Automatically Update of Quotes every 15 minutes". As soon as I did that, all of my screen refresh issues as well as my One-Step Update issues went away. I'm not sure why that is the case, but hopefully Quicken will figure it out and allow users to have that option enabled.

    - Merg

    * I was also having issues with One-Step Update not working all the time. I would click on the menu option and see all my accounts checked, but when I clicked on the Update button, nothing would happen. I would also see this behavior when trying to update a single account. It would normally work the first time after I opened Quicken, but would then not work after that.

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