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Although my particular experience may be singular in nature even though somewhat elated to others, I am posting it in case it would be helpful. Quicken support may also be recording it. Following multiple messages to and from Discover and Quicken, a conference call today with Quicken, Discover, and me resolved one of my problems. Q support resolved the duplicate transaction one by setting up a new account and downloading all transactions to it. Despite much advice about setting up Discover Card for a direct connect, I kept getting a message - sorry, not your fault - you cannot access this account at this time. The problem and solution emerged when an apparent incompatability between Q and D was found in the Q block that asked for account number.  Instead of following that direction, I was told to ignore it and type in my ID.  Voila, it worked. I am now on direct connect.  The Q support person was patient and helpful.  It was not something i was doing.  The same things happened when he was on screen with me and found a way through the problem that had not been suggested. As I said, my situation may have been unique but I thought I would mention it. The Quicken person has registered this block at the Discover entrance as something to be updated, but that apparently awaits another version.  

If I have mistakenly posted a comment where only a question is allowed. I assume this message will disappear.

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    Glad you posted that as it may help others in the interim.  In fact, I have edited your summary by adding "with Discover direct connect" so hopefully search will pick it up easier.
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