Quicken Mobile for Android stalls 'Retrieving Local businesses'

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I am trying to enter a transaction into Quicken Mobile for Android.  When I try to enter the payee name, the app starts 'Retrieving Local businesses'.  The app stalls at this point, and I can never enter the name of the payee.  If I return to the home screen and go back to the app, it is no longer stalled, but this problem repeats itself every time I try to enter the Payee for a new transaction.


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    By the way, I find this app to be pretty unstable.  I was was trying different things to work around the problem stated above, the app crashed on me twice.
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    I am having the same problem.  It's very frustrating!  Is there any way to disable this function and only enter payees manually?
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    When I have spotty/slow connection, takes forever to enter a new transaction.  Need to be able to turn off the internet search for local businesses.
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