Loan Interest Rate Changes Cannot Be Edited

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I have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage that I have maintained in Quicken for many years. My interest rate changes every 6 months requiring me to enter an interest rate change in Quicken with an effective date and amount so that the monthly payment will be recorded correctly when due.

In Quicken Premier 2013 for Windows I recently added a new rate with an effective date of 1/26 instead of 2/26 by mistake, resulting in the upcoming payment reminder being incorrect for this month.

I discovered I cannot edit or delete this incorrect rate change, because the Edit and Delete buttons do not appear when I mouse over the entry or any recent entries. However if I mouse over much older entries the buttons do appear, allowing me to edit or delete them.

There seems to be a bug here and I am trying to find out if anyone else has discovered it and found another way to edit or delete erroneous entries.

In the interim I did come up with a work around so that my 1/26 payment is recorded correctly.
Quicken 2017 Premier - Windows 10


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    I can't change interest rates either! The screen will lock up when I try adjusting any interest rates on a loan. Seems like a bug. Anybody else know what to do?
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