My mortgage loan payment is being entered twice

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  • OleSVMOleSVM Member
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    Are you manually entering the loan payments?

    Do you have scheduled transaction reminders that may be automatically entered?

    Perhaps you have inadvertently set up multiple such scheduled transactions?

    Please give a few more details about how you are handling your loan and transaction entries.


  • ischneidermanischneiderman Member
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    Hi Steve.  Thanks.  Yes, I set up automated recurring payment in my online banking account and when I set up the loan in quicken it created the payment plan as well.  But I can't seem to be able to delete one of them.
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    Delete what, the reminder, the automated recurring payment, or one of them from the register after posted?
  • OleSVMOleSVM Member
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    To add to what Chrisdvd said - if you are downloading and accepting the mortgage payment into your register BEFORE the scheduled transaction runs you will get duplicates.  The downloads will attempt to match a transaction already in the register.  The scheduled transaction will not.  It will simply do what it is told to do and enter a transaction on a specified date even if the transaction has already been entered.

    If you are using the automated entry of your scheduled mortgage transaction perhaps you might change it to a reminder asking you to review it manually.  Then you can check whether or not you have already accepted the transaction into the register.

    Another possibility is that your downloaded transactions are not being properly matched to the scheduled transaction already in your register.  Perhaps you use the 'automatically enter downloaded transactions' feature and Quicken, as it sometimes does, misses the match and enters it again.

    I would be interested to hear if any of these apply to your situation.



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