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Could my entries possibly be right for my conversion on 5/16/13. I see under Removed the correct share balance being converted 308.528 at 169.66 and note in the entry that the Cash for Inv shares is cost basis. Under holdings after this corporate acqusition entry I am showing the right balance and value for Adm shares, 731.278 at 71.58 but I am also showing a cost basis of 78,871 and a minus gain of 26,527. What am I not understanding or doing wrong? I am not sure how to attach the removed and added entries. I saved as text. I could save as excel. I have it saved in Quicken reports but cannot figure out how to attac More on conversion to admiral health care fund .
First entry after carrying out instructions - Removged - shares 308.5280 but not at 5/16 value - what shows is the cost basis.
Next 25 entries are added shares with values in the $107 to $109 range. I don't know what this represents. I did not purcase these in lots such as these. I have a minus Amt. invested of 31,849. Again, the present unit value and balance of the Admiral shares is correct, but what my screen is repreenting is peculiar.
Again, I have exchanged 308.5280 shares of Inv at 169.66 for 731.278 Adm shares at 71.58. But my holdings line as of 5/16 is value - 52,344 - Cost is 78,871.57, gain/oss is -26,526.99. I am bewildered because I believe I have followed the directions as noted earlier. I will understand that this question may be taking too much time and will try to puzzle it out further myself. Still cannot send screen shot - says too big. And I know I am repeating myself.


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    To start, see http://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/faq-convert-share-class-for-mutual-fund Since that was first written, a macro conversion transaction was specifically added for mutual fund conversions, but the basic tenets still hold.

    If you are relying solely on your downloads from the MF family, my suggestion is don't. They may or may not have the cost basis info properly transferred over. You have not been clear on where the Added Shares transactions came from.

    Regarding adding attachments to your post here, they need to be screen shots saved as 'pictures', like jpg graphics. If you have such screenshots, you can edit your initial post to add those.

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    I am going to try to attach a partial screen shot  if I can figure out how to do this.  Can't get a whole one; I may need to start a new question since I do not see my way to do this in this block.
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    You can only add attachments to original posts (See the edit icon in the upper right corner of your OP) or to answers.  Comments do not get attachments.
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    Is it Vanguard? To switch to Vanguard Admiral (I have several) you should use Corporate Acquisition and you have to manually calculate how many new shares you got for each ONE old share. Took me 3 times to notice that part. So you may have to do some dividing on paper first. Don't worry if the price per share comes out fractionally different. Just be sure the # of shares and cost is accurate.
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