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Screen shot will not load even though saved in Paint.
First entry after carrying out instructions - Removged - shares 308.5280 but not at 5/16 value - what shows is the cost basis.
Next 25 entries are added shares with values in the $107 to $109 range. I don't know what this represents. I did not purcase these in lots such as these. I have a minus Amt. invested of 31,849. Again, the present unit value and balance of the Admiral shares is correct, but what my screen is repreenting is peculiar.
Again, I have exchanged 308.5280 shares of Inv at 169.66 for 731.278 Adm shares at 71.58. But my holdings line as of 5/16 is value - 52,344 - Cost is 78,871.57, gain/oss is -26,526.99. I am bewildered because I believe I have followed the directions as noted earlier. I will understand that this question may be taking too much time and will try to puzzle it out further myself.


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    Why have you started a new thread on the same subject? It makes it hard to follow the progress when you do so. I recommend you post this updated info back to your original question.
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