how do I stop the "is this the next scheduled payment window" from opening?

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I have many scheduled transactions to be entered into my checking account 5 days prior to the 1st. It is 7 days out and this window appears every time I make an entry into one of my credit card accounts. Mulitple windows for each memorized transaction open which I must answer "no" to each one before I can enter a transaaction on an different account.

How can I stop this from happening other that waiting for the transactions to be automatically in a couple of days. Shouldn't it only happen when I am making entries into the checking account?


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    I acutally like this feature and don't know how to get it to work on all my credit card accounts.  It seems to be a random type of setup feature.  Only one credit card payment out of 3 different accounts displays this behavior.
    Quicken Windows 2017 Deluxe R19.1 on Windows 7 & 10 Pro
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