Advice from chat on specific entries to resolve inability to edit/delete a transfer

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Reverse Original entries for trustee to trustee transfer of IRA funds

Transaction Sell/transfer from sending trustee

Second entry in receiving trustee showed contribution and also said I made a contribution to my IRA (wrong, cannot do that).

My new entries -

Withdraw/transfer from new trustee back to old trustee

Buy funds from old trustee. Funds now back but I am told once again

that I have just made a contribution to that trustee.

If I understand NoWayJose, I might now sell/transfer cash to fictitious company and than buy the new trustee funds. But at this point I am not clear about anything that has to do with transfer from IRA to IRA. I can see using it for other nonretirement funds. Can someone tell me what my Quicken program looks like with two contributions? And how I should not make the entries. I apologize if it appears that I do not know what I am doing but I guess that is exactly the case.


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