QW2014 HOME INVENTORY problems

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How come I can not add any items to my inventory running windows 8.1 and QW2014 deluxe? On my XP system I can add items to my inventory running QW2014 deluxe. What is causing his problem on windows 8.1 operating system?


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    What happen when you attempt to add?
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    It give me a pop up that tell me home inventory has stopped working and also states A problem caused the program to stop working
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    I am on Windows 8.1 and am using Home Inventory on Quicken 2014.  I am able to add inventory items.  However, my Home Inventory is crashing every time I click on the Notes icon within the Item Description.  I am unable to input note specifics as I have in the past.  Is there a fix for this?
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    I have the EXACT same problem as ergriff8!!  I'm starting to loose confidence in Quicken after 15 years!.
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    QHI doesn't allow detail to be added  with Quicken 2013 Deluxe on Windows 8.1 as well.     It crashes when attempting to add detail.  I've tried starting with a new datafile and still no success.  I've tried XP (SP3), 7 and 8 compatibility modes and still no success.
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