How can I re-activate downloads for my American Express Bank FSB? I get error message CC-508 and a n

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I got this error while updating my accounts. (see quick1). After attempting all the procedures to correct the problem (see quick2), I de-activated downloads hoping that would fix the problem. Now I cannot activate downloads for this account. (see quick3)

PS.... I am not happy with your new “support model” ............ Intuit is ruining the Quicken product, i.e.: not supporting products after a couple of years and forcing users to upgrade in order to maintain the ability to update with their financial institutions. I have been using Quicken since inception and each time I am forced to upgrade, I look to get a substitute software program THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME I UPGRADE!, too many problems resetting accounts and such. If it isn’t broken, LEAVE IT ALONE! Please pass this on to the people in charge.



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