"Balance" item disappeared from columns list

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I opened up Quicken and when I went to transactions my running balance was gone, and it was no longer listed in the columns tab at the right side at the bottom of the page. What the "h" happened. I like having a running balance.

I am attaching a screen shot that shows the "balance" item in another of my accounts.



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    The running balance is only displayed when your register is sorted by date. If the Balance column is there, but there are no values displayed, try sorting your register by date.

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    In the case where no Balance column is available, you have opened a 'combined' register - such as Cash, Cash & Credit, All Accounts, etc. These 'combined' registers are capable of displaying multiple accounts and a balance is not displayed. The Balance column is only available when displaying an individual account.
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    I have always sorted by cleared (not date)  and always showed a balance up to this afternoon.  Something has changed.  The only event was the patch.    I am going back now to sort by date but that is not what I want to do to get a balance.  To have an option to sort but then be restricted to date to show a balance is not what I have been viewing every day.  I know I am not crazy so what am I missing?
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    [mention://86060 @universe] This thread is about QM2015.  You appear to be running Q Win.  Please convey your thoughts in a Q Win discussion on the topic.
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