intrabank transfer in MAC 2016

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I finally figured out how to do an intrabank transfer for example my saving to my checking account.  It did work I checked online with my bank today but there where 3 transaction and not just 1.  Fortunately this was a test since my confidence level with intuit is near 0.

The problem is there is not any confirmation in the transaction if it is set up correctly and then there is no confirmation after the update account is complete.  The transaction inspector is blank in the "from your financial institution"

This is not even beta software but alpha software.  i really wish intuit could have not released it before it was done.


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    I suggest that we use social media to see if we can light a fire under Intuit and the Quicken 2016 for Mac team. I have been a loyal user of Quicken since Windows 3.1 (c. 1996) and a Quicken for Mac user since 2004 or so. I have generally been happy until they took BillPay away. I was very excited to see it come back. However, like everyone here i have found 2016 to be riddled with issues and BillPay is useless. I get multiple duplicates. My balances are off and I can't seem to find the problem and so have had to put in "balance reconciliation" transactions because I just gave up. My credit card company (Capital One) has been intermittently accessible for transaction downloads. I have had to "change connection type" and re-enter login credentials multiple times for multiple accounts. This product is truly a complete failure at best and a source of lost time and money at worst. Back to my original point: I suggest that we go to Twitter using the hashtag #FixQuickenMac2016 and tweet our frustration. Make sure to include @Quicken and @Intuit in your tweets.
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    ... how did you set up intrabank transfer?
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    enter the transfer account in the transfer column, then click the 'edit details" drop down.  go to the "online payment" tab.  make sure all is correct then click on "transfer now".
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