Why am I am getting duplicate transactions downloaded that are the same as were previously downloade

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When I moved from Quicken for Mac 2015 to 2016, my bank transactions (BB&T) downloaded without issue. As soon as I upgraded to Quicken for Mac 2016 ver 3.0.3, transactions that were previously marked at cleared and reviewed were being downloaded for a second time, causing duplicate transactions in my register that needed to be deleted. 


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    Just to clarify: after installing the 3.0.3 update, you didn't make any changes in the set-up of your bank connection? I only ask because most instances of people seeing duplicate transactions download are due to changes in connection method (Quicken Connect to Direct connect, or via versa) -- which does cause duplication because the identifier code from the bank has changed and Quicken doesn't know they're the same.
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    Absolutely NO changes were made except for the upgrade to 3.0.3. I started to do the account download, stopped when I saw that an upgrade was available, installed the upgrade, then proceeded with the account download. Nothing changed between the two download attempts. Other than not using this account download feature, or using it and manually deleting the duplicate transactions, how do I correct what is a serious issue?
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    i am getting duplicates and changed connection method 2 weeks ago.  How do I fix this?
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