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I have a bunch of memorized payees.  When I am typing in a new transaction into Quicken, Quicken sometimes recognizes that what I have started to type in matches an item in the memorized payee list.  It then populates the category and the amount.  It even keeps the category and the amount if I don't use that payee name that it has auto-populated.  How do I turn that off?


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    I'm not really seeing that behavior, unless I leave the payee field.

    As in say I type in part of a payee that matches and then hit Tab it will fill in the amount and category.
    If I go back and change the payee to one doesn't match a memorized payee it doesn't change remove the amount or category, but I don't really consider that a bug since I did basically accept the payee when I tabbed out of the field.

    If on the other hand I change type the payee and it matching a memorized payee, at this point the amount or category hasn't been changed, and as long as I put in a payee that doesn't match before leaving the payee field, the amount and category will not be filled in, as expected.
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