A reconciled transaction no longer appears in my Quicken account.

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All of my bank statements are reconciled up to date.  I have been reconciling credit card statements.  On the November statement, I don't see a transfer of payment from bank to credit card.  I also no longer see that payment in my bank statement in Quicken, but I reconciled that payment just 5 days ago on my paper bank statement (meaning that the transfer was there and maybe I accidentally deleted it while working in Quicken?).  Can I go back an reconcile the November bank statement a second time?  I'm just not sure if that will work because all of the transactions cleared with no problem and it reconciled perfectly.  I don't understand why subsequent bank statements aren't off?


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    I also lost a reconciled check from over a year ago.  I found out when my current statement wouldn't reconcile.  I had to look in paper statements to find it and had to reenter it.
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