OL-292b Error Problem - Sears Card

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I've been to Sears Suppost several times and to Quicken Support a couple times. Sears says it's Quicken, Quicken says it's one of the list of 5 or so problems that it could be.
Well I've done all that Quicken reccomends except the uninstall and reinstall. I have about 15 accounts set up and I'm just not sure of myself that I can do it.
I do know this, I just had a new charge of $30 post to my Sears Card, Quicken would not download it, (Quicken was not able to complete your request. The Server rejected the request as invalid)
HOWEVER, I went to the Sears site, Downloaded in the Quicken format, Saved to my desktop, opened with Quicken Launcher and whaaalaaa, it went right into Quicken.
Now I could have kept on using Microsoft Money but chose to switch. Maybe reinstall Money?
Quicken 2010 Deluxe
Vista Home Premium 64 bit
Internet explorer 8

If there's a moderator looking at these questions I wish he/she would look at all of the reported problems with the Sears Card and do something or investige and instigate a fix!



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