Quicken 2000 conversion to Quicken 2004 error keeps occurring?

I am trying to convert a large Quicken 2000 file to Quicken 2004 in order to eventually convert it to Quicken 2016.  The problem is, each time I try to do it, the program hangs up.  It looks like everything is converting and then it says "performing final conversion steps".  Shortly after that, I get a message saying "An error has occurred during the last task.  Please restart Quicken.  When I restart, and try again, the same thing keeps happening.  I know that this conversion works because I was able to do it with 2 smaller files but it is not converting the large one.  Note it looks like there are over 100,000 transactions in the file I'm having trouble converting.  Anyone have any ideas on how I can get this to work?  I don't want to lose all my history!


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