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This latest version of Quicken, i.e. 2016, is basically destroying the program for me. I depend on picking up where I left off with the last reconciliation. What on Earth are they DOING?? I can't do a reconciliation without an adjustment. How can I go back to the old way on 2015, that worked just fine?

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    Please indicate what operating system, Quicken version you use and what method of reconciliation used to help identify where your problems might be.

     If by statement (manual), after your verify all transactions against the bank statement, check these areas;

    a. Look for old outstanding transactions in this recon that really should be cleared in past recons (3.5.2) will effect your beginning balance;
    b. Is the dollar amount in the difference a possible transaction that no longer exists (missing) from your register;
    c. Maybe you entered a disbursement as a deposit (divide by two to find the true number that needs adjusting);
    d. Last but not least, does the difference match a prior adjustment you entered previously. 

    Hope this helps!
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    I have quicken 2016 3.5.2 version. Calling support I get Philippines or another country that just doesn't understand doing a bank reconcilliation. I had quicken 2007 and was happy. I don't do banking electroically and print checks home.
    IN A BANK RECON YOU START OFF WITH BAL PER BANK. THEN ADD DIT AND SUBTRACT O/S CHECKS TO GET ENDING BALANCE.  All I get is list of outstanding checks  and dep in transit. I have to manually total both and then add and subtract to get balance. 
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    Hi Bernie,
    The add'l info is very helpful.  So you use the manual banking functions and you upgraded to the latest version where you are experiencing reconciliation problems and dissatisfaction....join the club. 

    Here is how it works;
    To start, you begin a manual recon which means you select the "Use Statement Balance". At this point, Quicken will, in the background, add up all your "cleared" transactions by adding up all your deposits and subtracting your disbursements.  The result will be the figure displayed in the "Starting/Prior Balance" field.  You want to verify that this matches your Beginning Balance on your bank statement before you go any further.  If it doesn't you need to resolve the discrepancy before proceeding. That's another topic so I won't spend time on that since you have not indicated that is your problem.

    Next you will enter the Statement Ending Date and Balance per your bank statement. Quicken will pull all "uncleared" (those without "clr" check marks" next to them) from the register transactions thru to the Statement Ending Date for reconciliation.  You will verify each transaction against your bank statement and check them as they match off or make corrections until you display a zero difference which means you are balanced at which point you click "Done". This will result in your cleared transactions changing to a green "clr" check mark in the register .  

    In Quicken 2007, you could produce a Reconciliation Report that also included a list of your "Outstanding Transactions" not yet reconciled to-date in your register and give you your Quicken "today" balance".  That is not available in the current version which means you would have to do that part yourself if you desire to do so or just view the "Today's Balance" in the register.

     I'm sorry to say they stripped out a lot of great features/functions in the 2007 version when Quicken embarked on a total re-design (reinventing the wheel so to speak) without even looking back called Quicken Essentials and that was a big mistake obviously even as it has evolved into the latest version which the users collectively have to beg to get 2007 features programmed back.  Welcome to our new world of "Quicken".  
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    My reconciliation problem started when I installed an update to QM2016. I went through all the rigamarole involved in adding adjustments and reconciling to my September statement and thought I had fixed any problems. Now I am trying to reconcile October after another update and am encountering the same problem. Wants me to start back in 2012 with a new difference in balances. 

    This is not acceptable! What is Quicken doing to its users?
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    You didn't mention what version you updated to which is important since the 3.5.2 changed how Quicken calculates your beginning balance in the reconciliation screen.  What changed in 3.5.2 is when you go to reconcile, Quicken adds up "all" your reconciled credits and deducts "all" your reconciled debits the difference is now the beginning balance.  It also will display prior months unreconciled transactions.  

    That's one place to look to see if there are already cleared items now showing up as old outstanding item.  You can also just scan your register to see if old transactions are appearing without the "clr" check mark next to them and if you do find there are some or one etc. then you need to research to find out if they in fact are cleared as this will effect your Quicken beginning balance in the reconcile screen.  In the reconcile screen look to see if there is a difference between the Quicken beginning balance and the bank statement.  Also did you enter the bank statement ending date so only the transactions within the beginning and ending date range appear in the recon screen.  This will help you narrow things down. This is the very reason I feel adjustments are a bad idea, cause it muddles the water when you need to resolve issues and don't know where they originated from. I am not going to do any updates until I know Quicken has programmed a reconciliation history report that also includes adjustments.  Since I have never utilized the adjustment feature, I was wondering if the adjustment is entered as a transaction into the register to be documented (I suspect it just disappears). If you starting figure is off from the bank, I suggest you resolve that issue before trying to reconcile.
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    I am in the same boat! I have been unable to reconcile my bank account since july 2016. I wish there was a way to go back to the 2015 version of quicken. I am so disappointed that I upgraded. 
    John, have you found a solution?
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    marcie said:

    I am in the same boat! I have been unable to reconcile my bank account since july 2016. I wish there was a way to go back to the 2015 version of quicken. I am so disappointed that I upgraded. 
    John, have you found a solution?

    First, be sure you have QM2016 v3.5.4 which fixes a bug in reconciliation. Then, not sure if this will help but read this FAQ if you have not already: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/quicken-mac-v3-5-reconcile-troubleshooting

    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to solving this problem. You will have to track down the culprit in your data. 

    Meanwhile, you can add your VOTE to Track/store Prior Reconciled Statements/periods.
    This would go a long way and make it a lot easier to turn an endeavour that could take hours, days, or even weeks into a matter of only a few seconds or minutes. 

    First, click on the underlined link above to go there, then click VOTE at the top of THAT page, so your will vote count for THIS feature and increase its visibility to the developers.

    While you are at it, you may want to add your VOTE to related IDEAS found on the List of Requests for Reconciliation Process. Click on the underlined link, then follow the instructions to add your vote to more related ideas.

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    marcie said:

    I am in the same boat! I have been unable to reconcile my bank account since july 2016. I wish there was a way to go back to the 2015 version of quicken. I am so disappointed that I upgraded. 
    John, have you found a solution?

    Out of the blue my bank balance in one account is off by $30K!  It has been auto balancing each month with no issues but no longer. I guess I should have used the backup with a date feature as I have backed up recently. Quicken 2016 is basically malware. They should stop adding "features" no one wants and make the program work!
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