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Request for "Monthly Bill Payment Tracking"

This will allow users to track all regular monthly bills in a separate screen, as payments are made, it updates the status of the bills to paid and allows you to make sure you have enough resources available to pay them as they come due (move money etc). Allowing you to be "PROACTIVE" in monitoring your financial obligations in real time.  Then once all payments post to the tracking sheet upon entry into the register, you know you haven't missed or over looked anything keeping you on top of everything instead of trying to remember everything in your head or depending on paper billing statements.

Payment information should come directly from the register/account upon entry based on matched payee criteria. This would be saved based on Month and Year in it's accessible history (with ability to pull up and review as needed) and opens a new Tracking Report/Sheet for the next month with all bills due you set up as default in the beginning (with edit ability of course).  It might be nice to be able to set up bill tracking into titled sections case you have more than one home but accumulative (which I do)  and also maybe the option to have more than one tracking sheet to separately track bills & payments completely say if you are supporting another household or taking care of someone else financial affairs.  

You would first enter all your monthly bills by Payee name, dollar amount and due date .
Then as you pay them and enter each transaction into the register, it posts to your Bill Payment Tracking by entering the date paid, dollar amount, method of payment, along with which account it was paid from and stamped "Paid".  Having a sort function to be able to sort by each section type would be needed so you can view the information how ever you need to just like a spreadsheet.  For example; by "Not Paid" or by "Paid" with ability to sum.   

Note: Don't confuse this request with "Scheduled" Bill Reminders.  That function is a reminder of upcoming recurring  "automatic" APP and  Bill Pay(s) disbursements by the bank that need to be posted into the register so the funds are deducted and is also linked to the  "online"  functionality. May seem similar but really Two different animals.  

This allows you to visualize at any given time during the month where you are at in paying your bills for the whole month.  I do this on a separate spreadsheet but it just seems like I'm duplicating the same information already in Quicken, with the ability to set this up in Quicken and link it to the register, it's automated.  I think this would be a very useful addition to the personal financial management aspect of this program. I am a MAC Quicken user so I am requesting this as an enhancement to at least the MAC version.
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