Scam Phone Support?

I had a problem with synchronizing my iPhone with my Chase bank account this morning and eventually called Quicken telephone support.  Google directed me to a Quicken web page that listed the toll free quicken support phone number.  I was connected with  someone in asia and was requested to allow them to have connected access to my computer.  They explained that my Quicken account had become corrupted and they would need to repair my Quicken files.  After allowing them to connect to my computer, they informed me that Quicken support now charges $599 for three years support.  To shorten the story, I disconnected the computer and hung up the phone.  This being the Martin Luther King holiday, it turns out Quicken phone support is not even available today.  Someone is posing as Quicken support.  Be careful what you "Google".


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    Hi @ Dave Cole ,

    Quicken Support can be found right here:

    Scroll down to the Blue Banner. Everything is closed today.
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    @Dave Cole

    You may have already done this, but I suggest that you change the password for ALL of your financial institutions since the bogus tech support group had access to your computer.

    You have no idea what they might have downloaded during that connection.
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    I think it is clear in my original email, but so as not to leave any doubt:

    I was connected to a fraudulent tech site; not Quicken support.  Any experiences I have had with Quicken support under the new owners has be extremely positive.
    Thanks for the helpful replies to my original message.
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    Yes do not use any phone numbers you find on the internet.  Those are fake.

    Quicken doesn't charge more than $39 for support and support is free for the current versions.  So if you are getting charged a big amount or someone is trying to sell you a program to clean or repair your computer that is not Quicken.  There are several fake support places that are scamming you and will mess up your computer. And even though Quicken can probably do a screen share with you they can not touch or control your computer or download anything to it.  

    See Quicken Kathryn's FAQ on 3rd party support
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