Quicken Mac: Creating Category Summary Report for Individual Securities and Reinvested Dividends/Cap

As has been noted in other threads, for whatever reason QM17 will not recognize the following transactions in a stock Category Summary report: reinvested dividends, LT/ST capital gains, or reinvested LT/ST capital gains. 

It will register Dividend transactions, but if reinvested dividends and/or reinvested CG transactions download into QM from your brokerage (*cough* Vanguard) as a single transaction, rather than as separate Dividend/CG and Buy transactions, the stock report will not pick them up.

However, I discovered by accident that a customized summary report saved from the stock report will register these transactions as expected (why, I have no idea). I outlined the procedure to do that in this thread: https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/reinvest-dividends-not-showing-up-in-reports-qui...

In a nutshell, clicking on any of the linked amounts in the stock report's Other subtotal section brings up a sub-report, in which you can re-enter your inputs and have the sub-report report properly. Still following? Just replicate what I did in the above thread.

But, that still leaves the following problem: how to run a report that isolates transactions from one or more, but not all, securities in an account.

For example, maybe I want to run a report that shows how much income our bond funds have produced this year in one of our taxable brokerage accounts (I mean who wouldn't, right?)

The accidental workaround outlined above still won't get you there. It's all of your securities or none. So I banged away at a solution for a few hours until I came up with a workaround to the workaround. It's inelegant, naturally, but it works. 

First, in the brokerage account register I arranged all transactions by Security/Payee. Then I multiple-selected all transactions for an individual security, right-clicked, and added the security's ticker symbol as a Tag. I did this for all securities in the account.

This procedure took 1/10 the time it's taken me to write this up (which may not be saying much, now that I think about it). Point is, it's fast.

Once you're finished, you should see something like this in the Tag field when you double-click a transaction:


Now when you go back to your customized summary report saved from the accidental workaround, you can select the various tags for your securities and the report will subtotal the transactions first by category, then by security symbol:


If you want to isolate transactions for one or more (but not all) securities -- like those bond funds, for instance -- deselect the tags for the securities you don't want in the report, and Bob's your uncle:

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  • RickORickO SuperUser
    edited April 2017

    Nice workaround to the workaround! Thanks for the thorough explanation. Hopefully they'll get the basic issue resolved in a future update.

    V4.5 is being released slowly now and has some reporting changes. Perhaps when you get it, you can test this functional area against the new reporting changes and see if it's improved.
  • edited April 2017
    Yeah I noticed some mention of report updates in the new release notes. I'll definitely test this area in the new release and (excuse the pun) report back.
  • CraigCraig Member
    edited December 2018
    Quicken said they would fix this bug on the latest version in Sept. I have been on the chat line for 2 hours with them today. They did not fix it. 
  • ScottScott Member
    edited September 2017
    I am on Mac Version 4.6.6.  Reinvested dividends in one transaction do not show up.  Frustrating!
  • CraigCraig Member
    edited December 2018
    I have talked to them for over a year. They keep saying it will be in the next version. The latest version is out and it is not there. After 2 hours on the phone they said wait until the Quicken for Windows 2018 comes out in late October and buy it and use crossover or parallel . Quicken for windows has it working.  They said it will probably never be available on Quicken for Mac. I was able to do a sub report to show reinvested dividends. Very poor customer services. They would not refund my $$$ or discount the Windows version. 
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