Hanging on exit on Windows 10 Surfac Pro 4

I have been running Quicken fine with many different versions for years on my Dell laptop and various machines before that. My Dell laptop has Windows 10 and Quicken 2016 R6 ( It runs and exits on that machine with no issue. I recently purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 to replace my Dell. The SP4  came preinstalled with Windows 10. I installed Quicken 2016 R6 ( on my SP4 and when I select exit it hangs. Thinking it might be an issue fixed in Quicken 2017 I upgraded. Same result. I've contacted Quicken support on multiple occasions and have uninstalled and reinstalled over 10 times now with no resolution. When I exit Quicken it hangs.  Only way to remove it from the screen is via task manager. I've removed quicken, run the Clean UI as outlined, reinstalled run the quicken update filed to get me to the latest version.  Problem still happens.  This is very frustrating.  Everything is working fine on my SP4 except exiting from Quicken. 

To try and pinpoint the issue I now have the same Quicken software (Quicken 2017 R4 Build on both PC's with exactly the same data file. The Dell PC always closes successfully. The SP4 never closes successfully. On the Dell I will receive the dialog from Quicken prompting me to backup when I exit. I never receive any dialog on exit from the SP4 before it hangs. Help!

I saw that there was another post for this same issue on an SP4 from 10 months ago with suggestions to try all of the things I've already done with Quicken support. The user in that article did not get a resolution and that article is now closed. (https://getsatisfaction.com/quickencommunity/topics/r6-running-on-windows-10-crashes-and-hangs-on-ex...)

After all these years I'm close to dumping quicken.


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    David, I see from your post that you have Quicken set to backup on close. Are you backing up online, to a local folder, or to a networked location? What happens if you manually try backing up to the same location?

    If hanging on exit is enough to make you abandon Quicken, you might want to take a look at this post. It is a lengthy discussion about the proposed new subscription model, which not only will be more expensive, but your data file will be made read only if you don't pay the subscription:

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    Have you tried updating Windows?  Just because it came pre-installed on your SP4 doesn't mean it contains ALL of the latest Windows patches.
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    I'm backing up locally to a flash drive. Manual backup works with no issues.

    I have applied all of the updates available on Microsoft Updates for my machine.  No change in the lockup on exit issue.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate it.
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