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    My problem is unchanged by any of the suggested fixes, except that individually updating CapitalOne account is more reliable now (but with the "one time code" quirk described below). One Step Update still fails.  Here are the details:

    (1) Updating CapitalOne account individually invariably results in the "How do you want to get your one time code?" screen.  Choosing a method to get the code allows the process to proceed, although no code is ever sent to me.

    (2) Updating CapitalOne account along with others (One Step Update) usually causes failure for at least one of the other accounts and does not always get all transactions for CapitalOne.  Taking CapitalOne out of the One Step Update allows all other updates to proceed normally.

    (3) CapitalOne account is linked using Capital One Card Services (the one that supposedly works).

    It's not ideal...
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    Mr_Ed1122 said:

    I had the same problem with Capital One including changing user ID which I could not do within the Quicken account details > online services tab
     Tech support had me check for any bad files: File>File Operations>Validate & Repair. Didn't help my situation but I don"t think it can hurt to check for bad files.

     I finally resorted to actually deleting the account and adding Cap One as a new account. Success!

     Everything has been working fine for the last few logins.  Of course the bank will usually load only the past ninety days into Quicken so you might have a problem there. Perhaps archive you current Quicken  file or download direct from Capital One. Maybe others with more knowledge of handling a specific account can help out here.

    I am using Version:4 Home & Business on a Windows 10 Pro machine.

    Hope this helped.

    Scott Wittlock's approach is the best option. Like Scott, I downloaded to a new account, and it can be done fast: one accepts all and deletes the whole block of duplicated transactions all at once. Keep the old account for budget info and reconciling. New downloads seem to work with "one-time" code emails. Q crashed twice, but was fine on restart.
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    I have wasted so much time on this issue it makes me sick!!!  I gave up on trying to get webconnect working like it has for years and just tried to download the transactions as QFX files from CapitalOne, Quicken 2016 latest release gives me a simple Import Failed message.

    This is just horrible software and inexcusable support.  I could have manually entered the transactions 3 times in the time I have spent on this.  Can anyone get the manual download to work?
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