Bug in Q W 2017: To Do Sidebar difficult to access. Buttons to open / close To Do Sidebar missing

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As discussed here, there are problems with accessing the To Do Sidebar in Quicken 2017.

The first problem is: There used to be a To Do button in the lower right hand corner of the Quicken window, together with the button to access the Help Sidebar.
I can understand why one would want to remove the Help sidebar, but there's got to be an easier way to start the To Do Sidebar than there is now. With the start button gone one has to click View / Dock To Do Bar every single time one wants to start (or maximize) the To Do Sidebar.

Second problem: Once the sidebar is open, there's no visible method to minimize / close the sidebar.
Yes, as someone pointed out in the above message thread, there's an "invisible" minimize button still there, to the left of the "To Do" sidebar title. But why is it invisible? What happened to the little black triangle (or ^ or v icon)?

OK, so it's not exactly a critical issue. How many customers use the To Do Sidebar anyway? Probably not too many. But for as long as the feature remains available, it should be easily accessible with a one-click to open and a one-click to close method.

Hello, programmers, what do you think?

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    Thanks, ukr--I'll take a look at this--and report the issue with not being able to minimize or close the To Do Bar--I'd suggest moving this post to a public idea thread as well--I can make the change if you like :)
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    Thanks, ukr--I'll take a look at this--and report the issue with not being able to minimize or close the To Do Bar--I'd suggest moving this post to a public idea thread as well--I can make the change if you like :)

    There's been a lengthy discussion on this issue in the post I linked to above.
    If making my post an IDEA will help getting this resolved any faster, by all means, please do it.
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled 2017 Premier To Do button is missing.

    I just upgraded from Premier 2016 to Premier 2017.  All has gone well except the "To Do" button that used to be in the bottom right corner of Quicken 2016 to open and close the To Do bar is missing.  You can go to View and dock the To Do bar, but that takes real estate and isn't needed most of the time.  Is this feature discontinued or an oversight that will be returned in a later update?
  • alan Jalan J Member
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    Agreed --The To do button was one of the most convenient useful shortcuts in pre 2017 Quicken versions. It was on the button left screen border and was out of the way. Used it numerous times everyday. The work around is archaic and takes away something that was working flawlessly. I hope it is an oversight.
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    I can tell you this wasn't any kind of "oversight".  It is very deliberate.  There was even a full set of beta tests dedicated to it.

    And frankly one of the problems they had with people testing the idea of removing the To-Do button is that most of the people said "What To-do button?".  They didn't miss it at all because they didn't use it.

    I also note that there are exactly 3 votes, and only two comments for this idea in 2 months.  Even though there are 11 people following it.

    I will point out not only is there "clean up" issue, but there is also the fact there are a lot of people using displays that are close if not at the minimum requirements, and to them buttons at the bottom of the display like that removed one more transaction from their registers.

    I do think parts of this poorly executed though.
    For instance I think it might have been possible to add some kind of control to the tab bar.  Just like the Accounts show/hide triangle.

    What's more making the "invisible" triangle, visible, is neither a solution or currently working right.
    It isn't a solution because it is inside the To-Do bar, and once you select it the To-Do bar isn't visible, so you can't use if for making the To-Do bar show up again.

    "The not currently working right" is if you select it and it hides the To-Do bar, the check mark on the View -> Dock To Do Bar will still be selected.  You have to select that menu item twice to get it to show again.
  • alan Jalan J Member
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    To-do button was very convenient and worked. No time to remember specific short cuts for the 15 programs I use on a daily basis. Remembering operating system shortcuts makes sense but not program specific ones. Amazing how quicken cannot add a discernible new beneficial feature to 2017 but has the ability to remove a feature that worked for many everyday users. If it had no value why was it there to being with? The lack of thought to add a work around to hide/unhide the to do bar makes you wonder when Quicken is going to get its act together. Another reason why so many non subjective retail sites have so many posts of buyers having to uninstall 2017 and return it.
  • steebadeebsteebadeeb Member
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    How about adding a shortcut to the "customize toolbar" list. That would solve everybody's problem with a shortcut at the top. There are many items in that list already with most of them not even being used ever. I've used the "to do" button since migrating from MS Money years ago. One simple window to show you what needs to be taken care of after a one step update.
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    Just moved from 2016 to subscription version today & already really missing the TO DO sidebar button. This is an old thread but: Is bringing back the dedicated button still on the table? Leaving the TO Do sidebar up is not a good option because it can't be resized or moved. In searching for this discussion I read that there is (or was) a button actually there but it's just not visible? 
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