QMac: Add option to identify reports that need to be updated when a new Category or Tag is created

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Problem: When new categories or tags are created, it is challenging to identify and modify reports that need to be updated to include the new category, sub-category or tag.

Proposal: When a Category, Sub-Category or Tag is created, present user with a list of reports with the following criteria:
- When a Category or Sub-Category is created, present list of reports filtered by category
- When a Tag is created, present list of reports filtered by Tag
- in both cases, allow user to select which reports to update to add the newly created category, sub-category or tag or to dismiss the list
- create 3 user selectable options to only present this dialog box for each selected category, sub-category, or tag, otherwise behave as it does now, that is, do nothing

- the above could be refined further for sub-categories to only present reports filtered with the MAIN category for the newly sub-category.

BTW, though I do not use budgets, this feature could also be applied to budgets.

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