Quicken 2017 on a Surface Pro 4 - Resolution issue

I have been a Quicken customers for 10+ years and just recently started using a Surface Pro 4.  With Quicken 2016, the graphics were sub-par as everything is in tiny print and the budget view is unusable.  I was excited to see something about 2017 making improvements for hi-res screens and quickly upgraded to regain this important functionality.  Now that I have converted over, my views are still the same.  The account list in in very small print, I've changed the font size on the registers so that is reasonable to read, but the budget view continues to be unusable.  It is only filling half of the screen, so the columns are wide enough to see only 2-3 numbers.  Is there a way to change the view for budget's annual view so that the columns are wider?  Thank you!


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