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With Quicken H&B we've always had the ability to directly email invoices in HTML form, but would like to have the ability to directly email them in PDF form as well. Statements are another matter. Currently, with the 2017 version, I have to print statements out, then scan, save, and email them. There used to be the ability to save statements to a text file that could be emailed, but with the 2017 version, that doesn't seem be working when I try to save it. As an idea, please give us the ability to directly email both invoices and statements in PDF form. Thanks!
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  • thecreatorthecreator SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2019
    Hi @ Coop ,

    The ability is already, with help from an additional product:

    Paperport Professional 14.0

    comes with Nuance PDF Create!

    With Free Upgrade to Paperport Professional 14.5 which runs in Windows 10.

    Now instead of having to print, scan, save and Email the PDF Document.

    With PDF Create!

    You can now print from Quicken to Nuance PDF Create! which creates a PDF File of your Invoice.
  • CoopCoop Member
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    I'd really rather not have to buy another third-party program in order to do that when this ability should be built into Quicken. I have a lot of clients who now require that invoices be emailed as PDF. This may very well become a standard, in which case, Quicken needs to adapt to that.
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    From C. D. Bales:

    " ... I have to print statements out, then scan, save, and email them".

    Actually, you don't have to do that.

    You can print the statements directly to a PDF file, then attach the PDF file to an email. You can print virtually everything Quicken can print ... directly to PDF files.

    " ... this ability should be built into Quicken".

    Before deciding what Quicken "should" do, you need to consider that Quicken is in business to make money. Home & Business users are already a small percentage of Quicken users; and those H&B users who "require" that "invoices be emailed as PDF" are likely a small percentage of H&B users. Time and money spent providing your requested features to H&B users is time and money unavailable to provide other features to Quicken users. To my knowledge there have been virtually no enhancements to H&B for many years despite a number of requests for changes - I think that's an indication of the lack of financial incentive to add features to H&B.

    You can already print and email your invoices as PDF files attached to an email; it's just that Quicken won't "attach" those PDF files for you.

    While it certainly would be easier for the user if Quicken did the attaching of PDF files as they do for HTML, that doesn't mean it would be cost effective for Quicken to provide that capability.

    Adding the ability for Quicken to generate an email for statements and attach PDF files of those Statements to the email seems like a larger, costlier, project than Quicken attaching PDF files to invoices, making that project less likely to be cost effective.

    I believe Quicken will give your request a fair hearing and I think that's all you should expect.
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    I agree, too many businesses are in business to make money first and foremost. However, if they could shift their paradigms to be in business to provide quality service first and foremost, the money would naturally follow and perhaps act to help increase their client base as well. I don't believe the programming changes suggested would involve all that much cost. Thanks for pointing out the ability to save to PDF in the new version though. That works much better than the old way of having to actually print and then scan to PDF.
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