Need a new software version

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This is the worst version of Quicken since I originally purchased it in the 1990's.  Tons of bugs.  Had to wipe out all memory of Quicken to get it to work.  Now that I'm starting over, I find that it is extremely difficult to add accounts.  It used to be a simple process.  Now it is Time consuming beyond it's usefulness.  I spend more time working on this than if I just created my own program.  I'm constantly fixing broken links every time I do a one step update.  I cannot even add a bill reminder to a loan and link to the account without digging up my original paperwork and have quicken calculate it for me.  Then when it doesn't it wrong.   The complaints go on and on.  I have loved this product for a long time, and now it is the worst product option for managing your finances.   Unfortunately I have a two year subscription.  Hopefully by then they will make the changes necessary, if not, then I will find another program.  Get your act together Quicken or you will be out of business in the future.


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