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Whenever I update my Quicken Deluxe for Mac 2018I, Version 5.5.7 (Build 55.21646.100; mac OS 10.13.4) I receive the message "Update error HTTP (null) - Ok?" Well, it's not ok, but even after I click "Ok," there never seems to have been a problem.  Everything is updating all right and there appears to be no problem.  Is there some way I can get Quicken to quit flagging a problem that does not appear to exist?


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    Which bank and what connection method is generating the error?
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    We're having this only in the last month.  It was working fine with prior version of Quicken and it was working fine earlier this year.  Our credit union is Golden1.  It does appear to be downloading the transactions, just telling us there was an error.
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    I am having the exact same issue now.  Bank of America.  Quicken for Mac Version 5.6.2 (Build 56.22432.100) 
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    The same thing just happened to me as of this morning (Jun 22 ) St Mary's Credit Union  Quicken Deluxe for Mac 2018 Version 5.6.3 (Build 56.22447.100) macOS 10.13.5.  There were no new transactions to download, so I do not know if there was an issue or not
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    same issue with me. Only my Bank of America checking account. Every time I update, but all seems to be working fine once I press "OK". I tried deactivating and reactivating online services for that account but I get the error every time after the initial reactivation.
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    Same issue on my wells fargo account
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    Same here with Wells Fargo. This program has been really buggy its annoying. 
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    My Chase accounts are not updating and giving the same error.  Other accounts are fine -- for now.  (I use direct connect only.)
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    Wells Fargo: RESOLVED
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    Good morning, I may have solved this problem, fellow Quicken HTTP (null) error users.  And the solution appears remarkably simple.

    The problem doesn’t reside with any particular financial institution or Quicken generally, but rather with an individual Quicken account in the Quicken file that updates from a financial institution.  After (far too much) trial and error, this is what appears to have permanently resolved the problem for me:

    1. Open Quicken:  Open and sign in to your Quicken file as you normally would.

    2. Open Account Status:  From the top tool-bar, select “Window.” From the drop-down that appears, choose “Account Status.”

    3. Isolate the Problem Account:  From the Account Status Window, under the ‘Action’ column, isolate the problem account by choosing “Update” one at a time for each connected account listed.  Test each account, even those from the same financial institution.  While Quicken updates, observe the spinning circular arrow (next to the Account list), which indicates the one account you’re testing is being updated, until it stops spinning (i.e., stops updating).

    4. Ignore Accounts You Determine Are Ok:  If the circular arrow update indicator stops rotating with no HTTP (null) error message, that single account is ok. Move on to the next account and repeat steps 3 and 4.  Keep repeating steps 3 and 4 for each of your connected accounts, until you receive an HTTP (null) error message.

    5. Deactivate Identified Problem Accounts:  When an individual account update results in an HTTP (null) error message, you have identified a problem account.  Open the problem account (in my case it happened to be my BofA Savings account), choose “Settings” from the lower right menu, choose the “Troubleshooting” tab and select “Deactivate Downloads.”

    6. Test Your Quicken File:  Once the problem account’s automatic download is deactivated, test your Quicken file by clicking on the circular ‘update’ arrow in the upper left.  This will automatically update all your accounts except the identified problem account you just deactivated.

    7. Fix the Problem Account:  If your step 6 Quicken file test updates without the nettlesome HTTP (null) error, then the identified account you just disabled for automatic download is the only problem account in your file.  All you need do is return to the problem account, choose “Settings” again, select “Set up transaction download,” and, well, set it up with the relevant financial institution.  Voila! Problem solved.

    8. Repeat for Other Problem Accounts:  If after the Step 5 deactivation of the problem account, your Step 6 general Quicken file test still updates with an HTTP (null) error, do the following:  First, fix the identified individual problem account as described in Step 7. Then continue from Step 4 with the next connected account until you identify another problem account.  Once identified, continue from Step 6 until your Quicken file no longer generates the HTTP (null) error at all.
    I got lucky and discovered just one problem account in my Quicken file, so I’ve included Step 8 on the assumption some may discover more than one problem account.  If you do, please advise me of the efficacy of my Step 8 prescription.

  • Brandon WalshBrandon Walsh Member
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    Hi Fred,
    I have used this fix in the past. About 8 months ago this happened, and this fix solved it for a while. The error came back and I've tried it twice recently. Both times, it fixed it for the first "group" update, but afterwards I keep getting the error.
    Very annoying.
    Thanks for the suggestion.
  • Sam GSam G Member
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    Good morning all, 
    I began seeing this same issue with Quicken Mac 2017 (v4.7.3) about a week ago.  I have several different banking accounts Golden 1 Credit Union, Citi Visa Card, JC Penny Credit, Macy's AmEx, Costco Citi Visa and they all individually show the NULL error - but continue to update.  I tried the 'deactivate' fix but when I tried to re-activate with the Golden 1 Credit Union I couldn't log back in.  
    I called G1 Credit Union, Tech Support and was advised they are aware of this problem that many users are experiencing and do not yet have a fix, and their IT department is working on it.  The account I deactivated seems to be connected again after preventing me from setting up automatic downloads.

    Additionally, all transactions that download show up as 'Uncategorized' where previously repeating transactions carried over the Category. 

    Thanks for all the help.

    Sam G
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