Quicken is Subtracting a Charge transaction, Not Adding

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Quicken Premier for Windows (version R8.8, Build I just noticed that a transaction I entered one week ago into a credit card account subtracted from the balance, rather than adding to it as it should have. The transaction was a charge. I am attaching a screen shot of the error and a second showing the splits within the transaction. I am going to try a file validation first. If that does not correct the problem, I will try deleting the transaction and reentering it. Has anyone else seen this behavior? (BTW, this is not the first weird behavior I've seen since updating to R8.8. Last week I could not reconcile a different account until I deleted and reentered a transaction that was generating "Disk Error".)



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    There is nothing wrong with the math. 

    If the account is a checking account it is working just like it should.
    If the account is a credit card, there is something wrong with the over all balance of the account.  Credit Card registers should always be in a negative state unless you over paid.
    Somewhere in this account, you have caused the balance to flip from negative to positive, so you need to review the register to find what has caused it flip.
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    Update: validation found and corrected a duplicate payment. After deleting the duplicate payment, all is working correctly. So please ignore this post.
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