Share data file with pc?

If I get quicken 2018, can I install it on a Mac and pc, and use the same data file? Not at the same time, but open the file with the pc, use it, quit, then open the same data file with a Mac? Obviously the file would be accessible to both computers.


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    No, the files are not compatible
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    And though you can convert the data file between them, it mostly only works from QWin to QMac and not the other way around. 

    You need to understand that Quicken only supports one file at a time. There is no way to sync 2 separate files automatically (other than exporting from one and importing to the other OR moving a file back and forth). That said, there are alternatives you can consider:
    • If you have mobile devices (iOS or Android) and if all you want to sync is cash, bank, and credit card accounts, consider using Quicken Mobile on a mobile device. You can sync more than one mobile to the same data file located on one of your computers, as long as you use the same Intuit ID associated to the data file. Note that this is limited to sync 24 months plus new transactions.
    • use remote access software (several free options, e.g. NoMachine and Teamviewer) to access Quicken on one computer from the other, or even mobile devices (see this great article for complete review of many options (most are free): ****). If both are Macs, the built-in Mac OS X screen-sharing may work for you too. The advantage of these solutions is that you retain access to all the features of Quicken, unlike Quicken Mobile. The trade-off is that the host computer cannot really be used for anything else while using Quicken with these remote solutions. 
    Note that this would require you to settle on only ONE of the two platforms and sync your device(s) to or access that one platform.

    ****Though it is written with Macs in mind, many of the solutions work on Windows too. 

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    Thanks for the replies. I was planning on using the Mac for most operations, but since the windows version has investment reports, I was only going to use it for investmnet reporting. Investment reporting is my main reason for using quicken, and 2007 has reports like ROI that 2018 Mac still does have. Looks like it’s quicken windows and fusion for me :-(
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