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I set up an expense category called Allowance.  I posted an entry in my bank account for a $200 payment (ATM withdrawal).  In the Income/Expense report Allowance is under Expenses.  However the $200 item is shown as -200 (a reduction in expense).  All of the other entries for this category also have the wrong sign.  This appears to be the only category with this problem although I am still checking through the rest.

How do I fix this?

Bank Account Entry: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmzAD59Z2oRdgWy8go5w83jsxocd

Category Definition: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmzAD59Z2oRdgWvl8xuqEBjxSZcu

Expense Report: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AmzAD59Z2oRdgW2ZQ4eG4mPVA1qt


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    It would have been better to record your "Allowance" as a transfer from Checking to a Cash account register in Quicken. 
    Next, record any cash payments you make as withdrawals from the Cash account register in Quicken and categorize as needed: Gas, Food, Dining out, etc.
    Once in a while count the cash on hand and adjust the Cash account balance for any small expenses that you didn't record explicitly.

    That will give you better budgeting and expense reporting without having to make complicated adjustments to Allowance.

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    Thanks for the recommendation but the actual problem was I was misinterpreting the detail.

    Let us say you have a $200 line item in the expense section of the Income/Expense report.  It is shown as a positive number.  However, when you drill down into the detail it is shown as a negative number. 

    Problem solved.

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    Your bank account entry shows a $200 DEPOSIT which would be income.
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    Your bank account entry shows a $200 DEPOSIT which would be income.

    From C. D. Bales:

    "Your bank account entry shows a $200 DEPOSIT which would be income."

    The fact that you only see the text "Deposit" (to the right of the $200) indicates that the transaction is a "Payment".

    If the transaction had been a "Deposit", the $200 would have appeared one column to the right, and you would only have seen the text "Payment" (to the left of the $200).
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