Bill Pay Transaction is Pending - Bank Of America modified Bill Pay Transaction

Quicken for Mac Version 5.6.2 (Build 56.22432.100)

On the Bank of America Bill Pay site - I modified a transaction by changing the amount from $43 to $47.  My Quicken register now shows two transactions; original for $43 and new one for $47.  

I suspect this occurred during the 5.6.0 and 5.6.1 release which was very buggy.  

The original transaction for $43 was assigned a check number.  I am trying to delete this transaction and I get the error message "Bill Pay Transaction is Pending.  You cannot delete a pending transaction." 

The correct transaction for $47 is marked as paid and cleared as downloaded from my bank.   My Bank of America connection is a direct connect to the bank. 

My goal is just to delete this erroneous transaction.  I have searched the community and did not see an answer that worked.   I hope all this information helps.  


  • Dick RossDick Ross Member
    edited June 2018
    I have had a similar situation with the quicken bill pay feature and BOA.  I gave up and just let quicken find out I paid the bill when BOA transaction come through.  Sometime times it syncs with the right catagory other times it is blank.  When It gets out of sync its difficult if not impossible to fix -- sorry.
  • Brad WelchBrad Welch Member
    edited June 2018
    Another discovery!  An Opening Balance Adjustment of $43 was added as the earliest transaction in my register!  Sneaky Quicken!  It solves the other mystery I did not report.  My online balance in Quicken matched my Bank Of America online balance.  All due to this Opening Balance Adjustment! 
  • Wes WolfertzWes Wolfertz Member
    edited June 2018
    Agree w Dick's explanation.  It's a temporary flaw that gets corrected in Quicken when the the payment is made.
  • RickORickO SuperUser
    edited June 2018
    Brad, You say "on the BofA bill pay site", but it sounds like you are using Direct Connect Bill Pay. Are you? IOW, did you initiate the transactions from Quicken?

    If so, you cannot delete a pending transaction, but you may be able to cancel. To do this, double click the transaction to edit it, then click the Edit Details button. Next, click the Online Payment tab. If it is not too late to cancel it, there will be a Cancel Payment button bottom middle of that sheet.

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