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Quicken 2017 screen resolution issue

Quicken 2017 changes to a low screen resolution when opening.  I tried uninstalling but that didn't help.


  • George PizzoGeorge Pizzo Member
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    I found the solution.  For some reason Quicken properties were set to run in 640x480 screen resolution. I unclicked that setting and all is well.
  • TraciTraci Member
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    Where do you find the Quicken properties that you talked about?
  • jm0045jm0045 Member
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    This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Quicken 2017 on High Resolution Displays.

    Does Quicken 2017 fix the scaling problems 2016 has with high resolution displays like the 3200x1800 display on my Dell XPS13?
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    2017 is the same issue, I too had to right click on the desktop icon, click properties and under setting check "override high dpi scaling behavior"
    Scaling performed by: application

    i'm using windows 10
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    My Dell XPS 15 also had similar problems with Quicken 2016.

    I'm CompTIA A+ certified and other IT credentials so I'll see if your solution solves it, thanks for the info!

    Same solution as Richardo Gave solved this.
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