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I'm moving to Quicken 2018 (Windows 10 Home) after using an envelope based budgeting software that is no longer being updated. Am in the process of setting up the budget and know how much I want to budget for each item, but in my old system, those items/envelopes all have a balance.

For example, I budget $50/month for car repairs. It's something that I budget for every month, but only use a couple times a year, so in my old system, that budget line/envelope has $950 that has built up over the years. I can add the $50/month to my budget in Quicken, but need to include the balance from my old system of $950 in that line so I know how much I will have to spend in the event of a repair.

I tried putting the $50 in the Quicken budget for July, then went back to June and put the $950 balance in. This shows the right amount in the "To Date" column, but now at the top I have an error message saying "You have some over budget categories. You'll need to reduce spending in your remaining under-budget categories to meet " (and the rest of the message doesn't show). 

Hoping there's some way to do that, but I can't find it in the help sections. Thanks!


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    If you want to add a Rollover amount from prior years (or your unused balance from the other software), click the Balance field in the January column to get this popup:

    Click Edit in the popup, input your $950.00 and Save.
    Be sure to turn on Rollover for this category (the green icon) so unused budgeted amounts carry forward from month to month.
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    Thank you!
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