Quicken Inc. liaison to financial institutions

It seems there are many update problems that are due to problems in the coding at financial institutions, not Quicken.  Unfortunately, the current response by Quicken Support is often "Call your financial institution."  This often fails because the financial institutions usually have no route for an end-user to contact the people who deal with Quicken update issues.

Might I suggest that Quicken assign a staff liaison to deal with each financial institution?  When the front-line Quicken support people encounter a problem that seems to be due to a bug at the FI, they could escalate the issue to that liaison.  That person would be responsible for contacting the technical people at the bank to resolve the issue.  The liaison would also post status to the community web site so users having problems would not waste time trying to resolve known issues.  The FI technical staff would also benefit because they would get to know their liaison and understand that they are not having to coach novice users; only true (and new) problems requiring their attention would reach them.

Of course, if the front-line Quicken support people conclude (perhaps after consulting the liaison) that the problem is account-specific, they could still advise the user to "Call your financial institution."
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  • James ThomasJames Thomas Member
    edited July 2018
    Good idea. The support staff seems to be overwhelmed every time there is an update.
  • jg70124jg70124 Member
    edited December 2018
    FYI, many other providers of banking data (Yodlee, PersonalCapital, Mint) are having similar problems.  PersonalCapital recently told me that it will take 5-6 weeks to resolve an issue with a bank data feed.
  • jaanthudjaanthud Member
    edited July 2018
    I totally agree. Unless this is Quicken's way of getting us all to pay for the premium support package...
  • QPWQPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited October 2018
    In a way that is what is already happening.

    Quicken Inc pays Intuit for this service, and Intuit has built up the staff and the relationships with the financial institutions.

    BUT there are over 15,000 "supported" financial institutions, and over 30,000 financial institutions in the US alone.  There is no way that they have the staffing to have a "one on one" relationship with all the financial institutions.

    As I understand it the financial institutions are suppose to notify Intuit of changes that might break downloading of transactions, but that doesn't always happen.  Problem in part that they don't know when their changes are going to break it.

    So in the end it really comes down to when it breaks and someone complaints they put it in the queue to fix it (if it isn't just a problem on the customer's machine instead of the Intuit server or financial institution).

    What I see is very bad advice on this forum is the suggestion that the customer contact the financial institution without determining if that makes any sense.

    In general the rule should be that the customer contacts Quicken support.  And customer support is suppose to do a bit of simple troubleshooting like resetting the connection, but most importantly if that doesn't work get the logs and escalate the problem.  Which would involve determining if it is something that needs to be turn over to Intuit or not.

    The only times that it is appropriate for the customer to be contacting the financial institution on this matter (and a Intuit/Quicken Inc escalation is probably better) is when the connection type is either Direct Connect or Web Connect where it is known that the financial institution is sending the wrong information.

    With Express Web Connect (Quicken Connect on the Mac) the financial institution might be giving Intuit the data in OFX/QFX format and as such it is their problem, but there is a big chance that isn't true.  That the financial institution and Intuit have agreed on a different format, and Intuit might be doing a translation.  Also the agreed upon method of getting the data might have been changed.

    At any rate with Express Web Connect it is much more appropriate for Intuit/Quicken Inc/financial institution to work out the problem instead of bring in the Quicken customer.
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