Wells Fargo Advisors downloading same transactions to two different investment accounts



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    QPW said:

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    I would bet that the problem is that Wells Fargo Advisors is actually sending the same transaction to all the accounts.

    The OFX log would be the place to look.  But you would need someone that knows what to look at in it.

    Investment accounts are Direct Connect.  Which means the OFX data is sent directly from your financial institution to Quicken.

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    That was my first thought (without any evidence) too: that WF was sending the same transactions to multiple accounts.
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    bnc0123 said:

    Bob, thanks for the detailed write up. I share your frustration when dealing with support people who are tied to their scripts. I also have an open case number with WFA that is over 10 days old.

    I just did a one step update and the problem of duplicate transactions being downloaded to multiple brokerage accounts continues. I expect to be upgraded from Quicken Deluxe 2018 Windows version 10.11 to version 11.18 tomorrow.

    Hi C.D. Bales (or perhaps mshiggins):

    I'm not sure who the response was actually written by, as I haven't used this forum enough to know the format of responses and comments, and where they come from.  Regardless, whoever wrote this comment, thank you.  It is an unusually clear and helpful evaluation of the issue, with some specific activities to help identify the cause and provide info to whoever needs to fix it.

    Using the information you provided, I examined a OFX log a bit, and found complete, correct information on 7/25/2018.  And a communications failure I noted on the evening of 8/7/2018.  I believe the downloaded information went "bad" sometime after that.  The file is about 5 MB, and I ran out of time and the ability to hold my eyelids open before I found downloads where all my shares went to 0, but I suspect it is there, because of the data in the Quicken register & reconciliation reports.  I think I can find it now, with a bit more review. 

    FWIW, I agree that the issue is likely in what WFA sends to Quicken - however it often goes better with support folks if I don't tell them their process/format/transmission is in error or has changed inappropriately.  I suspect they changed the format of what they are sending, probably for some good reason, and this has resulted in the problem more and more folks are seeing.  I know WFA has the correct information in their databases/files, because when I go to look at it, by logging directly into their web site with IE or Firefox, I see all of the correct information.   I know the downloaded info was OK a few days before, because this problem didn't appear until after 8/7/18 or 8/8/18.

    And I know the problem is still there, because downloads from today, 8/19/2018, still show 0 shares in all my WFA accounts.

    More later,
    Thanks again,

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    I am having problems with duplicate transactions showing up in my brokerage account. This problem started after the R11.18 update. The issue is that I have multiple accounts with one brokerage. When a transaction is done in one account, quicken duplicates it in my other accounts with the brokerage. This occurs when I do a One Step Update. I run quicken on Windows 10.
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