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I received a call this afternoon from someone claiming to be from QuickBooks support.  He left a message that my QuickBooks program was sending error messages for the past year.  I'm asked to call him back a 203-[removed]34.

1) I don't have QuickBooks.
2) This seems like the scam from someone supposedly at Microsoft calling to help fix errors my machine is generating.

I chatted with Quicken support who confirmed that this is NOT a Quicken nor QuickBooks support number.

Has anyone else received such a call?  If you do, be wary and don't call them back!


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    I know you meant well by showing the whole number, but that just helps the con artists by putting their number on a respected forum.

    You will notice that one of the moderators removed part of the number to keep it from being spread as a potentially valid number for tech support.  I'm not sure why you would post such a message about Quickbooks on the Quicken forum.
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    Apologies.  I posted at the suggestion of the Quicken agent with whom I chatted.
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