internal sync error. please try again later.

product is quicken premier for windows 2018 ver R11.18

Getting "internal sync error. please try again later." when I sync, although everything is actually syncing between my phone and PC. 
now tonight all my accounts went to a blank screen after I balanced my registers and hit done. When I hit backup and it finished backing up, all my accounts came back

why am I getting these issues and how do I fix it without losing my data. I don't have time for this. 


  • Mark FertigMark Fertig Member
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    I've been experiencing the same issue for some time.  I'm on 2018 R12.15.   Has anyone figured out a fix?

    I've tried the "Reset cloud data" option in preferences.  This runs a couple of minutes and produces the "Internal sync error. Please try again later" message twice before claiming to have reset cloud data successfully.  Unfortunately, it doesn't fix the issue.

    Any other ideas?
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
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    To both of you (and Apologies to climbergirl94, for not seeing this earlier),

    It would appear that you're using Express Web Connect with these financial institutions.  You can confirm this by doing TOOLS, Account list ... and looking in the "Transactions Download" column across from the pertinent accounts.  There, it might say "Yes (Express Web Connect)" OR "Yes (Improve Connection)".  The latter means that Direct Connect is available to download for this FI ... and Direct Connect is the preferable means of connection.

    BUT, for the immediate problem, a "Reset Cloud Data" is woefully insufficient for this repair.  What you need to do is to Deactivate ALL connections for this bank/card/etc, Exit Q, and then re-activate them.
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  • Mark FertigMark Fertig Member
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    I am able to download transactions successfully from my financial institutions - the error occurs on the Quicken Cloud Sync. I'm only syncing a few investments accounts to the Quicken Cloud, and in addition to the "internal sync error", the mobile app only shows the cash balance of the accounts, none of the holdings.
  • Kathy WrightKathy Wright Member
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    Me too.  I've reset the quicken sync login.  I can connect to all of my accounts with One Step, but I cannot sync with Quicken Mobile.  It has not worked for almost two months now, and I have reported the the problem twice then.  I have all the latest updates from Quicken and this STILL has not been fixed.  Quicken needs training in regression testing.

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