change automatic save file destination

Quicken 2013 Deluxe
OS: Win10 on Dell Inspirion desktop

My manual Backups (File=>Backup and Restore=>Backup) are directed to C:\Quicken2013\QDATA981_20110204_20120924_20160724.QDF-backup on my local HD.
However, "Automatic Backups" go to an external USB HD (F:\Quicken\QDATA981_20110204_20120924_20160724.QDF). I would like these "automatic saves" also go to mt C:\Quicken2013 directory on my HD.  How do I go about changing the default location?


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    The only control you have over where Quicken stores the "automatic backups" is where you store the active data file.  Automatic backups are put in a folder named BACKUP where the active data file is kept.

    Due to those rules, I think you have a typo in your post,  While you could definitely have your data file on the F: drive in a folder named Quicken, I believe that you missed the subfolder named BACKUP for where the auto-backup is stored.

    On a side note, from the names of your backups, it appears that you have restored your data file several times and have not removed the date from the filenames ( this part _20110204_20120924_20160724 ).  You can use Windows Explorer to rename the data file and then double click on the renamed file to have Quicken open it and reset the last file used to reflect the filename change.
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