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One of my stocks had a reverse split.  I had 39 shares worth about $1000.  The new price was $169,000 per share, so they cashed me out.  Quicken picked up the new price for the cash out and shows my gain as $6,591,000.00.  How do I make that go away?  Repeated downloads do not affect this entry.


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    Which Q product?  What operating system?  What country?  What Build/Release?
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    "The new price was $169,000 per share, so they cashed me out."

    I can't make sense of that sentence and the second half of the sentence is a non sequitur.  

    I assume that "$169,000" figure is an erroneous figure coming from the Quicken download? 

    Being "cashed out" has nothing to do with the after split value of each new share.  Typically you're cashed out because the reverse split left you with less than one share so the fraction of a share is automatically sold via a cash in lieu

    Why don't you disclose the company name and the date of the split as well as the exact detail of whatever entries you're seeing in the transaction list related to the reverse split.  That way someone can give you an exact remedy.
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