Accounts not updating

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Several accounts are not updating today. No Error. Green lights, but new transactions are not downloaded and the time stamp has not changed.


  • SimonSezSoSimonSezSo Member ✭✭
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    Have you tried going into each of the account registers and running "Update Now"?  You may need to run it more than once for each of your FI.  (shortcut - Ctrl Alt U)
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    Hello Joey,

    Sorry you're having trouble downloading, and thanks for taking the time to post! I agree with SimonSezSo that the best next step is to open an individual account register, click the Account Actions gear (upper right corner above the register), then select Update Now. This method typically produces an error code or message, giving us more insight to the underlying problem. Please give this a try for each impacted account and reply here with the error codes/messages for each.

    It's also useful to know more about your computer/program. Please include the following in your response:
    ·Operating System
    ·Quicken Version and Build (Windows: Help > About Quicken ; Mac: Quicken > About Quicken)
    ·Financial Institution Name(s)

    With more details, other users should be able to better assist you in getting this resolved.

    Best regards,
  • JR FitchJR Fitch Member ✭✭

    Accounts not updating (Manual transaction only) WIN 10 Quicken - Premier 2019 version R18.15 build 

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