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The majority of my bills are linked to billers where I also have the biller autopay my bill. However, I also have some bills where the bill is not available and the biller autopays my bill. Then I have some bills where Bank of America pays my bill (their credit cards). Lastly I have some bills where the bill is not available and I need to login to the website to pay the bill or write a paper check. I do NOT use Quicken billpay, although I have it set up.

Even using a combination of the Bills and Income Screen and the old bills screen, I still have to keep a paper list to determine which action to take. Please add the ability to add to or change the bill/income type (and graphic as these take up a HUGE part of the screen real estate)!


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    I read your post and was thinking about how I might handle these various scenarios myself with the way Quicken currently works.

    For all bills that are automatically paid I would use the optional setting to have them automatically entered into the register.  You can easily identify these by the status of Auto in Bill & Income Reminders and their unique upcoming icon when they start to appear in the register.

    A Bill Reminder can have an optional related website which shows up as a link in the reminders screen which will let you know that you have to login to that website to pay the bill.

    Thought these ideas might help you keep track of the various types of bills without keeping separate paper notes..

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    They used to have a field in the reminder screen for this purpose before reminders were revamped in Q2009. It's a shame they dropped the field. Now I list that info in the memo.
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