Apple Pay Cash??

I am trying to determine the best way to setup an Apple Pay Cash account in Quicken 2018 and checking with the community for their experience and thoughts. Also trying to minimize manual xaction entry.
Reason, I averaging about 3-5 transactions a week, mostly purchases and a couple of times a month accepting funds from others.


Note; This is not about using a CC with Apple Pay.


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    QWin or QMac?
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  • Reed WelchReed Welch Member
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    Either, I'm running Q2018 on both.
  • Rs6erRs6er Member
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    I set up another account/register and do transfers from my checking account to the Applepay Account which lists the actual payees. 
  • WannabeWannabe Member
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    Is there a financial institution that does the Apple Cash transaction?  I think this is handled by a Discover account you initially have set up for Apple Cash.  Discover is handling the transactions, as far as I know.

    So, then the million dollar question is... can you link and download transactions from that Discover account into Quicken?  I don't have the answer for that.  And I'm not even sure how you determine what that Discover account number is...and if there is a password associated with that account.

  • LB522LB522 Member
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    The Apple Pay Cash Card, which is what you see in your iOS Wallet, is a virtual re-loadable prepaid card that is issued and owned by Green Dot Bank. The Discover Network is used to clear the Apple Pay Cash transactions, but the bank that would turn on and facilitate access to Quicken downloads would be Green Dot.  Apple simply sits on top of both with their branding.  Presumably they too would have to agree to enable Quicken downloads since the card is for their customers.
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