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  • G.S.G.S. Member
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    Ugh!  I wish I would've looked her before wasting 45 minutes on the phone with Target.  Target told me to only download one month at a time.  Unlike before, It came into Quicken, but wouldn't link to the account.
  • Lori LambertLori Lambert Member
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    I was told by Target the issue is that they have four security questions and Quicken has to have the answer to all four (since the security questions rotate). Unfortunately, Quicken will only allow answers to two of the four when you register the account. Each time you attempt to update in Quicken if you don't get the same two questions, Target reads it as an error and you not only don't get the update, you end up getting locked out of your Target credit card account for errors with login attempts. Very frustrating!  It seems this is a Quicken issue to fix.

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    Thanks Lori, that makes sense, however Quicken is not that logical so we may have to keep entering manually.  
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    To Quicken's credit what Target is requiring is highly out of the ordinary.
  • Stuart BrownStuart Brown Member
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    It's not just Quicken with this issue.  I use Tiller and it has the same locked problem.   And why does Target ask for security questions before the password...I dont' get how they are so out of security norms on this.
  • Tim PaulTim Paul Member
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    I too am having this issue.  I notice the offical Target response is two weeks old.  Does anyone know if there is when this will be addressed....hello Quicken team.
  • KurtKurt Member
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    Apparently I no longer have to reset my security questions and answers on the web site every time Quicken has a problem. However, Quicken still locks up every couple of days and requires me to "Resolve" the account by entering username and password into Quicken. Generally, I get asked one security question in Quicken while resolving, then the account links correctly (but not for long).
  • Stuart BrownStuart Brown Member
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    I have a theory which I'm currently testing.  It seems like Target changed their minimum password requirements, and if you are not matching these requirements you are getting locked.   However, we seem to still be able to go in and reset security questions to get around the issue and work for a day, before it locks again.  The reason I am guessing this is the issue,  is I tried to change the current redcard password to something similar and it said it didn't match password complexity requirements.

    Therefore the possible solution is to change your Target Redcard password to something more complex that matches the new requirements.

    So far 3 days without a lock out.

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    I tried the suggestion of changing the password even though it works through the web site.  So far after a few days it's finally continuing to work for more than a day.  Only time will tell if that's a true fix or not.
  • Stuart BrownStuart Brown Member
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    Probably going to jinx myself here...but the issue seems resolved.
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    Same here.  It's continued to work fine for over a week now.
  • KurtKurt Member
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    Still does not work for me. I have the most recent update: Mac version 5.9.1. I tried suggestion of changing password, but no success. I'm still forced to reset my security questions on web site every time Quicken wants to resolve. I have resorted to using Web Connect to manually download a file with transactions from, but that method does not require Quicken subscription service. Extremely disappointed this has not been resolved by now.
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    I completely agree this is unacceptable.  The only way I have been able to download transactions so far is to deactivate and reactivate the online services.  It works for one day, and then won't authenticate the next day.  I can't even download manually because the file is formatted incorrectly and rejected by quicken (the window shows both OL-221-A and OL-221-B).

    They need to figure out:
    1. How to allow us to add quicken as "trusted computer", because it obviously does not preserve "trusted" status from when I login through a browser.  I suspect this is why it keeps asking security questions and then denying the download....
    2. How to handle accounts with multiple card numbers.  This has a couple of sub-points... 1) When I activate online services for the account, it gives me a choice to add each card separately... I have to link one and ignore the other card, but it will download transactions for the whole account (both cards).  This one is more annoying than a real problem, but I suspect if they figured out how to alleviate the issue with multiple cards this would go away.  2) Format the manual qfx download correctly to allow import transactions for the whole account into quicken.  I suspect this issue could be alleviated by either separating the two cards completely under one login (I doubt Target would want to do this since I think it would require separate credit limits and such), or somehow combining transactions from both cards under the main cardholder account number in their interactions with quicken.

    Please get it together... this is taking way too long.  It feels like they are not looking at it at all...
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    Latest version of Quicken fixes the issue for me with Target CC, thank you
    2019 V QW27.1.17.6

  • malgazemalgaze Member
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    Still having this issue after months. Just end up doing manual entries for Quicken.
    Tons of issues with the Target Red Card website, that seem related to its ability to communicate with Quicken. Basically every time I'd log in to my Target red card account online, it was having me reset all of my security questions. I finally called them today and they said my account was locked out. It seems OK so far, but I don't trust that the issue will be resolved permanently because every time I think its resolved, it isn't.

    They claim the issues on their web site have to do with their upgrades but I've been having the issue with their web site for MONTHS.
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    Wrote to Target per Quicken instructions because I was having the issue of Quicken not being able to connect and download Target transactions. Response is essentially to download manually and import into Quicken.

    Here is the Target response:

    We're sorry to hear that you're experiencing issues with our new Manage My REDcard site.

    We understand your time is valuable and that you count on the ease of managing your account online. We regret that this wasn't your experience, and we'll be sure to keep your comments in mind as we work toward making the online experience better for every guest. Your patience is appreciated while we work through fine-tuning our new site.

    You can download your REDcard transactions by selecting transactions and then selecting search transactions. Once you enter your search criteria and select Search, you’ll see a list of transactions along with Choose Format under Export Results. Use the menu to choose the file type you want to download. If you're using Quicken, you may need to provide your Account ID, which can be found on the home page.

    Keep in mind, when you download transactions to certain financial management programs, the downloaded transaction files aren't automatically imported into your software. First, save the file. Then, import it through your software application. If you're not sure how to import data, check your software's help files.

    Manage My REDcard offers transaction data in these formats:

    • Quicken QFX: For downloads to newer versions of Quicken, use the .QFX file format.
    • Tab-Separated Text (DAT): This will work with Microsoft Excel and several other spreadsheet or database programs.
    • Comma-Separated Text (CSV): This will also work with Excel and other spreadsheet/database programs.
    • QIF Format: QIF works with older financial management software, such as Quicken 2002 or Microsoft Money.
    • OFX Format: OFX can be used only with the current versions of Microsoft Money.

    If you need more help with online statements, give us a call at 800-659-2396. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Thanks for getting in touch with us through Manage my REDcard.


    Target Card Services, servicer to TD Bank USA, N.A.

  • Mike NMike N Member
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    Have not had this issue for over two weeks now.  Have installed latest Quicken fixes.  Have had several frustrating calls with Target Support.  The issue was affecting my direct logins with Target Redcard and my attempted Redcard Quicken One-Step Updates.  However, the last Target Support person I talked with over two weeks ago claimed they had a fix and reset my account.  I have had no problems either logging directly into the Target Redcard webpage or using Quicken One-Step Update since.  Fingers crossed......
  • malgazemalgaze Member
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    Mike N said:

    Have not had this issue for over two weeks now.  Have installed latest Quicken fixes.  Have had several frustrating calls with Target Support.  The issue was affecting my direct logins with Target Redcard and my attempted Redcard Quicken One-Step Updates.  However, the last Target Support person I talked with over two weeks ago claimed they had a fix and reset my account.  I have had no problems either logging directly into the Target Redcard webpage or using Quicken One-Step Update since.  Fingers crossed......

    That's great. I've been too afraid to try because I now have this sense that the one-step update is causing issues with my Target login causing it to lock out. I'm going to keep with manual entry since I don't have that many transactions with this card.
  • MattMatt Member
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    At one point this was all working, now for the past several weeks I cannot do anything with Target. I called their support and of course they said it is a Quicken issue. I called Quicken and they said it is a Target issue. I reset my security questions on the Target site and still cannot do anything in Quicken. I deleted my password from the vault. If I try to add them as an Online Biller after authenticating I get the Unable to retrieve list of billers error. If I try to reset the account I am prompted to select which one as my wife and I have different account numbers on our cards. After that it fails with the generic error unable to reset account. If I go to target and export the transactions to quicken when I open the file I get the error [OL-221-A] and B.
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    Had this issue, too. Someone here suggested changing from card number to account number from statement in setup on Quicken. I did, and deactivated then reactivated online, and it’s worked since then. Fingers crossed it continues. Hope this helps.
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